How To Position Your Charcters For Maximum Effect In The Dragon Ball Z

How to position your characters for maximum effect in the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle game

Characters and character formations are one of the important hacks in the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle game. Figuring out how to select your characters and match them up with others of the same skill will help you when you are locked in a battle. Irrespective of how strong or weak your opponent is in the game, having the perfect combination of position and characters increases your chances of emerging at the top!

A team member must be of the same skill set as their other team members and this increases the chance of your success. It is very easy for you to know what the skill set is and you can simply check this when you click on the character Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats of interest. As much as skill set is important, it is not as important as having combinations of characters who not only have the same skill set but whose power level is highly categorized in the PHY category or the INT.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack
When you are positioning your characters in the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you will, of course, need to have the strongest of the pack in the top 3 positions. You can always choose this position in order not to delete one character. Changing how they rotate is very important unless you have to enter a dungeon where the positioning will be completely random.
How you select your character will affect how you are able to use them so you should start with the stronger ones as you can’t change their sequence! If you choose poorly and have the weakest characters starting on the game, you will lose. How characters appear in any battle like the boss battle, for example, follows a sequence similar to the one o’clock dial spot.
The position one character will be able to reappear in the battle after two turns as well as the character in position two. The character that you have placed in position three should be expected to appear after three turns etc.
Always be careful to match team members using their skill set and category try the app of power in order to increase the effectiveness in the battle.

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