Importance and Tips on Humour for Daily Life

Importance and Tips on Humour for Daily Life


  • Relationships: Having someone who can understand your jokes, laugh with you for absolutely no reason at times is a person with great humor. This builds a very emotional understanding between two people and also keeps it going in a very healthy way.


  • Issues: If humor is used carefully in the correct place, it can solve many issues since the stress is released from our brain once we let the humor inside us. Humour can also restore some positivity into people and make them change their perspective on different things.


  • Personal or Professional: We have heard at times the line, “do not mix your personal and professional life.” It is sometimes very hard to keep them both away because of all the stress and pressure in our lives. Although if humor is used properly, both can be dealt separately and one will cause an issue in the other one.


  • Confidence: The confidence can be increased in a person with proper use of humor; if the situation is light and friendly then people tend to relax. They will be more confident when the audience is receiving things properly rather than in a tense situation.


  • Perspective: When you are angry or depressed or sad, your perspective about things will mostly be negative, but when some humor is introduced, you will start seeing things in a much more positive way. Our expressions, our thoughts, and our behavior changes with the view we have about our lives.


These are some of the main points why humor is so important in our lives. Now we will point out how we can introduce humor into our lives. Here are some tips to insert them in normal conversations:



  • Relevance: The humor you are using should be relevant to the situation. If it is used as a distraction, it won’t work properly. People have to relate to that humor.


  • Not Jokes: Do not get confused between telling jokes and expressing humor, both are very different. So yes, make sure to check what you are trying to express.


  • Extras: You can add humor to a discussion by telling real life incidents, about cartoons, doing activities or even introducing quotations.


Humour is an important feature we must integrate into our lives, and thus we have to understand its need and how to use it properly for making the conversation better.

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