Let’s get started with Battlelands Royale tips for Gameplay & Win through Strategy


Battlelands Royale is the newest Battle Royale in online game stores perfectly compatible with Android and iOS devices. The developer of Future play has recently launched Battlelands Royale and receiving a positive response from users. If you have seen LEGO Marvel hero movies, you will understand these graphics of this game too. Both have much of same elegant graphics. For now, this time game has only one game mode  ‘solo’ but there will more in the future. With higher coin currency you can purchase various characters or can try Battlelands Royale Cheats for higher coins.

Gameplay tips for survival

Recently launched in June, it is also a Battle Royale game similar to PUBG, Fortnite. Unlike those games in Battlelands, you compete with 31 other players who also play in the same server of you. Along with 32 players and 5 minutes of continues battle. All you have to do for win match is to Survive until you kill the last players of the match. After killing the last person, you will be declared the winner of the game, but before all this, you have to plan a strategy.

In the game remember four significant things that open parachute on a safe location and loot as fast as you can after shooting every enemy if you engage and survive till last. Like I said, this game is an action game, and shooting enemies should be your first priority. Every player has their strategy of playing like – Rifleman, healer, and camper these are types of strategy you can be but in solo mode only shooting with rifles will help you to survive till last. Winning a game will reward you with coins so you can purchase additional things from the store. Or you can also use Battlelands Royale Cheats for extra coins.

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