Pixel Gun 3D – How To Spend Coins And Gems Wisely

Pixel Gun 3D – How To Spend Coins And Gems Wisely?

While playing Pixel Gun 3D, you have gleaned the idea that it is one of the most dense game where lots of things running around. In these conditions, most of people can end up getting into trouble as they can spend resources on wrong place. Coins are the common game currency that is easy to earn. On the other hand, gem is the premium currency that is very hard to acquire. This is the reason that you should spend it wisely to never face any issue. The best method to earn coin is playing the survival mode because this can help in being an expert gamer and it can provide a decent amount of resources.

Well, the places where you can spend your resources are:

• Weapons play the most important role and there is no doubt that hundreds of weapons in armory are about to unlock for a beginner but if you don’t want to face any issue while purchasing these then try to play with average weapons. In other words, choose weapons that are not too much costly otherwise, you won’t be able to spend resources on other things.
• You have accessories option in the game in which this is easy to buy things like skins for the character, armor, ammos and other things like this. Buy armor for sure because this reduces down the destruction point as someone hits you. This can be a great advantage in multiplayer battles against hard competitor.
These two things are really important but you make sure that where to spend more. We recommend you to choose weapons first and then defense pixel gun 3d because you can get defense by hiding in layouts but having a poor gun won’t help in hitting opponent from far locations.

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